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September 6, 2011

Week 14

Folks, nothing says summer like a watermelon!  And boy, are we all ready for it, I know.  The beauty (and sometimes the daunting aspect) of participating in a farm focusing on heirlooms, is that you never quite know what you’re gonna get. Or rather, you may have something, and have no idea what it is.  Things don’t always look as you might expect, and this is one of the crucial parts of heirloom production – the salvation of varieties on the verge of extinction; the bolstering of the floral gene pool; the producing and consuming of something a bit less banal than what you’re used to finding.  But it can catch you off guard if you’re not expecting it.  Yes, what we call “zucchini” is not always smooth and green.  Cucumbers come in many shades of green, yellow, and even white sometimes.  Tomatoes for goodness sake – red? Hah!  Try orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, white, striped, large, small, round, knobby, oblong and more (and more of these oddities to come as the month progresses we hope!) So notably, watermelon, that succulent fruit that comes dripping with red sweetness isn’t always, well, red! Sometimes it is. However, sometimes, and many of you will find this today, it comes in shades of white, yellow and orange, as well!  Yes, all watermelon. Yes, all delicious.  The flavor….some degree of variability.  Reds with their traditional watermelon goodness. Whites with a lighter, fragrantly sweet and refreshing crispness, and orange (my favorite) with an almost tropical juiciness. None can be beat, non can be favored. All to be enjoyed! 

Note: Give the green pears a few days on the counter to ripen! Around this particular pear tree there is a suspicious ring of dirt, where the grass has been worn away in some kind of tricky path one can never get off of, as it circles and circles and circles the tree. This is the path made by Sugar, the resident horse who paces around the tree, waiting for the fruit to fall each summer! So in order to get the pears, we get them a bit green!

In the Box:  Tomatoes  Cherry Tomatoes  Spinach  Kale  Herbs  Beets  Pears  Sweet Peppers   Hot Peppers (Jalapenos and Green Cayennes)  Summer Squash   Cucumbers  Watermelon (Katanya and Sugar Baby are red, Orangeglo is orange, Cream of Sasketchewan is White, Sweet Siberian is Yellow)


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