Red H Farm
The Details:
Thursday, October 20, 2011
at Red H Farm:
5515 Henning Road
Sebastopol, CA 95472
4pm until we're through
Bring just yourselves and perhaps a beverage to share.
Pumpkin carving, ice cream making, dinner and more!

Usually at the harvest party we press apples and make cozy hot cider to sip on while we enjoy the brisk fall air.  This year, however, I have not been there to glean apples in preparation.  I therefore do not plan to acquire the necessary apple press UNLESS (hopefully) some of you have access to buckets of apples and would like to bring them and partake in cider-making fun.  Please let me know as soon as possible so that I can get a hold of the fruit press in time!

See you there! 



(I’ll be coming home for this one!!)

Well folks, we suddenly find ourselves in October, meaning the season is winding to an end.  Just 2 more deliveries after this week, and I’m happy to say that the produce is still coming in strong!  We’ve finally made our way into my favorite crop – winter squash – which tend to be as much works of art as delectable cold-weather treats.  They’ll be prolific in the next couple weeks, so never fear – you’ll have a bounty of lovely fall decorations and pie-making behemoths in time for the holidays!  For now, tasty acorns, lovely delicatas, and of course, the bounty of summer is still upon us.  October is, afterall, harvest season!  We’ve lost a few things to pests this fall – the greens have suffered, and the carrots were, sadly, wiped out by pesky root dwelling monsters who’ve apparently been feasting, unseen, for weeks now.  But the tomatoes and melons and peppers and cucs are still among us, and the potatoes and onions and new successions of salad mix and spinach await!

As you all know now, I am currently across the country happily growing my brain, though thoroughly missing growing my crops.  You’ll all be amused to know that I have a true sense of what it is like to not only be a grower, but a receiver of CSA goods.  My sister came out for a visit, and upon my request, came loaded down with a suitcase filled with not just my rainboots and forgotten this and that…like a child on Christmas I elatedly pulled from the boots bags of peppers, cucs and squash, pulled from the depths of the suitcase carefully wrapped melons and boxes of tomatoes…everything a girl could want…

In the box: Salad Mix   Tomatoes  Cherry Tomatoes  Melon  Peppers  Hot Peppers  Squash   Cucumbers  Delicata Squash  Basil  

Red H Farm